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Hi: I finally recovered from taking too much NAC at once. Today is my 1st day eating red meat again. Now, I take 1/2 dose with kefir and full stomach.  I also got the Quercetin, which has great properties. I was already taking everything else including selenium (my hair fell out badly). 

2. This guy talks about his Faraday bed. He talks slowly. So, you can speed it up to 1.25x or 1.5 speed.

He says "Polyester is your enemy. It attracts radiation and electricity." I didn't know that!

I ordered a faraday fabric to check If it works ok, will send it.

3. Scientist at a university decided to read the oldest medical book. Guess what it said? I'm sure you already know that onions kill everything. I still have to get the info but the drs cut onion and put 4 in 4 corners of room and sterilize i guess?  It's prob why they put raw onions on burgers - to kill the e-coli etc. it's called Bald's Leechbook.

4. Also new research shows that eggs kills covid - ha ha. That's why they trying to kill them all? Now, they trying to retract it so they can sell more vax.

Dr Berg eats 4 a day. I LOVE Dr. Berg.

5. The world has been under accelerated bio-weather warfare. Texas got fake snow. I used to eat snow!

6. Great gospel links - luv u!

Anyway I give you this health info to help you detox that vaccine and help others.



Don't worry, Dr. Richardo Delgardo, in Spain, found alternative health solution.

New companies springing up for new job paying $200/day. Job is BRA: Body Removal Agent (52 Secs)

Some hospitals closing maternity wards. Stillborns up 1200%. Miscarriages are so high that Australia birthrate is down 70%. Birth defects are high. Babies also having sudden death. It's the end of white people.

Record deaths of Canadian doctors (93 in last months)

Insurance companies planning policy changes due to 40% increase in youth death (or they will go under). Link

Here is all sorts of info for you:

This is a good video to start with because it will ease you into what is going on. All this info is so shocking, it can be upsetting or disturbing. So, best to go gradually. Depression leaves once you realize the Holy Spirit is on track. [I will update for next 2 weeks]

Dr. Day is amazing.


This explains the whole situation with the vax. Documentary was made by the embalmers.

Health officials admit vaxxed suddenly dying worldwide (58 secs)

Some people move certain ways before dying. They're called the Spinners. It's called Circling Possession Seizure (CPS).

Why Vaccinated People Acting Like This Before They Go Down? Nothing to see here.

Very difficult to get info on Circling Possession Seizure in USA. (You can increase video quality by clicking settings button)

SADS Compilation

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